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Pedandeck is an experimental social card game. Players give cards to anybody acting petty or pedandeck, not just to other players. Are you brave enough to give a card to a stranger or to your boss? Each card is worth a certain amount of points. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Example of playing a card:

1) You overhear your boss correct someone's grammar.
2) You secretly slip a Grammar Nazi card into your boss's pocket, or you can openly hand it to her.
3) You add 50 points to your score card.
4) You tell the other players what happened.

Here's a comic showing the Race Card being played.

One to many players

Any number of players can play a game.

One deck for every four players

One deck is good for 1-4 players. Before a game begins players negotiate how to fairly distribute the deck of cards to all players. Up to four players can share one deck of cards. If more than four people are going to play, it is better to use two decks instead of one. Each deck includes four score cards and a couple of blank cards to make your own.

A game lasts as long as you like

Before a game begins players agree if the game will go for a minute, week, year, or any other duration.

the 3 rules

1) One hour rule

Cards must be played within one hour of the pedantic event.

2) Try to give rule

To successfully play any card you must try to give the card to the person who performed the action on the card. They do not need to be another player. They can keep the card. There are many ways to give the card: slip it in their pocket, hand it to them or flick it at them, etc. If the card touches any part of their person that is sufficient.

3) Report back rule

Within a day of playing a card you must tell everyone playing the game the story of what happened via email, text, twitter, or the forum: www.pedandeck.com/forum

download the full game to print yourself

Pedandeck is by Brian Schrank at www.BrianSchrank.com
Pedandeck © 2012 Brian Schrank. All rights reserved.